Prof. Wanyang Dai
Prof. Wanyang Dai
Nanjing University, China
Title: Blockchained federated learning and fractional process driven stochastic partial differential equations
We will present a decision policy computing procedure via blockchained federated learning for both security and efficiency, where the interaction of optimization based central model training and local data learning is concerned. The main focus of the study is on a distributed network system with distributed database “blockchain” or the discretized version of a fractional process driven stochastic partial differential equation. The fractional process can be a fractional Brownian motion or a fractional Levy process with long memory, which can be used to model the data dynamics associated with a blockchain. Applications and simulation examples will be given to show the effectiveness of our study.
Wanyang Dai is a Distinguished Professor in Nanjing University and Chief Scientist in DepthsData Digital Economic Research Institute. He is the current President & CEO of U.S. based (Blockchain & Quantum-Computing) SIR Forum (Industrial 6.0 Forum), President of Jiangsu Probability & Statistical Society in China, Chairman of Jiangsu BigData-Blockchain and Smart Information Special Committee in China. He received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in USA. He was a MTS and principal investigator in U.S. based AT&T Bell Labs (currently Nokia Bell Labs) with some project won “Technology Transfer” now called cloud system. He published numerous influential papers in big name journals including Operations Research, Communications in Mathematical Sciences, and Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. He received various academic awards and has presented over 40 keynote/plenary speeches in IEEE/ACM, computational and applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, mathematics & statistics, and other international conferences. He has been serving as IEEE/ACM conference chairs, editors-in-chief and editorial board members for various international journals ranging from wireless engineering and technology, pure mathematics & statistics to their applications.